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I have evolved and provided a holistic counselling approach since 1988 and attend to the physical, psychological, emotional, social and spiritual needs of each person, couple or family that I work with.


In order for counselling to be helpful and effective, I create a foundation of warmth, understanding, guidance and compassion. I offer you my clinical experience, skills and knowledge to support the changes you want to make in your life. My role as a counselor is to attune to your needs and goals, and to generate a calm, safe and open space for you to explore, discover and heal.


My counselling approach supports you to increase your understanding, broaden your perception of yourself and others, learn new skills and tools to reach your goals, and to discover resiliency to bounce back from feeling stuck with life’s challenges. 


While I believe it is important to learn and recover from current or past challenges, I place equal importance on life satisfaction, learning how to create vitality, wellness and positive life experiences. My counseling approach supports your ability to increase your self-awareness, make good choices, and feel strong in yourself so that you can live life to the full.


I provide counselling and art therapy services for:


  • Managing physical and emotional stress.

  • Cancer diagnosis, treatment and survivorship

  • Recovering from trauma and abuse

  • Coping with anxiety and depression

  • Adjusting to changes in career and relationships

  • Creating healthy attachments and connections with others

  • Coping with acute or chronic grief and loss

  • The life-long impact of adoption

  • Increasing self-esteem and self-confidence

  • Couple and family counselling

  • Revisioning life direction, goals and life meaning

  • Mindfulness and self-compassion practices


I offer short term solution and skill based counseling and psychotherapy for healing trauma and challenging complex life experiences.

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