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For Caregivers, Couples and Families


I offer counselling and self-care skills for caregivers, partners or spouses who are supporting a family member or friend diagnosed with cancer.


Issues I work with:


Communication skills and relationship skills for adjusting to cancer diagnosis and treatment.

  • How our perception of the family member diagnosed with cancer changes our attitude about others and ourselves.

  • Coping and emotional problem solving skills to manage chronic stress and uncertainty.

  • Emotional support for grief, loss, depression, fear, loneliness and helplessness.

  • Life style adjustment in managing practical life tasks and changing roles in the family system.

  • Self-care strategies: mindfulness practice, balancing caring for self while caring for other.

  • Support for palliative care and bereavement.

  • Exploring spiritual beliefs and practices, holding on to hope and gratitude.


Counselling and Art therapy for Children and Youth


I work with children and youth who are adjusting to a family member diagnosed or receiving treatment for cancer. I offer Art Therapy and Talk Therapy for children and youth who are diagnosed with cancer.


Issues I work with:


  • Learning how to identify, express and manage emotions.

  • Learning how to manage stress and cope with change.

  • How to support a family member diagnosed with cancer. 

  • Expressing feelings and needs to other family members and peers.

  • Understanding how the medical system works to heal people who live with cancer.

  • Balancing school, peer and community experiences.

  • Bereavement and grief counseling when a family loses a loved one to cancer.


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