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Web site logo:  "Grafting In New Possibilities".


The symbol for my counselling practice is the image of a fruit tree in the center of a triangle. The triangle represents spirit, man and earth. It also represents balance and strength. The tree is established and it's root system reaches into the ground for nourishment and then weaves around the image of the tree.  The idea of a fruit tree reflects the rhythm and predictability of the four seasons ( spring, summer, fall and winter) and offers a yearly gift of fruit to sustain life. The tree is a symbol of the self in many creative traditions and in art therapy.


The image of the tree shows a purple branch grafted into the existing trunk of the tree. This branch was painted purple and weaves through the established and original green branches of the tree. In orcharding practices the grafted branch represents the addition of a new variety of fruit that is accepted by the original tree stock.


In counseling practices the grafted branch represents growth and integration of new skills, ideas and choices that we can add in to our existing self or identity. The grafted branch also represents the support and guidance offered by the counsellor, changing how we shape, evolve and reivent who we are. 


                                                 For the purpose of adoption, children are similar to a grafted branch and are supported

                                                 and accepted by the existing strength of an established tree; the adoptive family. The 

                                                 triangle represents the adoption triangle:  birth families, adoptive families and   

                                                 adopted children. The roots represent the community resources supporting adoption

                                                 counseling services. The tree represents the life long journey of adoption.                  .


The idea for my logo came from my experience of growing up in an orchard and learning the art of grafting fruit trees.



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