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  • You experience a “heightened sensitivity” to, or feel unresolved about: loss, separation, trust, connection, acceptance, rejection, mattering and belonging issues.

  • You live with feeling “different” from other people who are not living with adoption roles of adopted person, birth parent or adoptive parent.

  • You feel confusion, ambivalence, or lack of control when you think about adoption decisions or life goals.

  • You find yourself looping in emotions such as guilt, shame or social anxiety. You find it challenging to find a partner or spouse, or to find satisfying relationships.

  • You have lived with secrecy in adoption, and feel isolated from family and friends.


  • You grew up not knowing you were adopted until you were older, and now find it challenging to trust others.

  • As an adopted child or adult you live with a “dual identity” and have ties to biological and adopted family experiences that leave you confused about your identity.

  • You were adopted from another country and are considering returning to your homeland for a cultural reunion.

  • As an adoptive parent, you find it challenging to talk about your child’s adoption or to address separation and loss issues.

  • As a birth mother, you have lived with the lifelong decision and experience of being separated from your birth son or daughter, and feel confused about search and reunion.

  • You have told your adoption story with friends and family and continue to feel stuck or unresolved about your role in adoption.

  • As an adopted adult, you wonder if your relationship patterns are a result of being adopted, or how your adoptive parents parented you.

  • You don’t feel in sync or have enough in common with your adoptive parents or your adopted child/adult.

  • You experienced a positive reunion for months or years, only to have the other person suddenly cut off all contact and end the reunion.

  • You find yourself physically attracted to your birth parent, birth sibling or son or daughter you placed for adoption.

  • Living with other life challenges and or trauma in addition to adoption issues, has caused you to feel confused and stuck about your healing process.

  • As a parent, you are considering open adoption and wonder about the challenges and benefits for your adopted son or daughter.

  • You often get stuck in feelings of anger and powerlessness regarding the legal issues, personal rights, and social policy in adoption practices.

  • You consider the question, “How do I heal and make peace with my adoption experiences so that I can move on with my life?”

  • You have experienced positive adoption and reunion experiences and have found peace in your adoption story.

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