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I have successfully received training and credentials in the following counselling specializations:


MIND-BODY APPROACHES are designed to support how the mind and body work together to reduce symptoms that result from stress and anxiety.  These approaches are skill-based practices that are taught and designed to increase autonomy and choice in self-care and recovery.:


Mindfulness Based Art Therapy


Mindfulness Based Practices


Body Psychotherapy


TRAUMA THERAPY for experiences of prolonged high stress states, medical procedures, cancer diagnosis and treatment, cancer survivorship, physical and sexual assault, emotional abuse, neglect, accidents, complex or unresolved loss and birth trauma.


Counselling approaches I use to support you in recovering from trauma are:



TALK THERAPY:  Expressing your story, self-talk, DBT (dialectical and behavioral therapy), ACT (action and commitment therapy)



MOAIKU RELATIONAL TRAUMA THERAPY:  Body-mind psychotherapy



CANCER COUNSELLING:  Specialized skills and knowledge supporting cancer patients and families through diagnosis, medical treatment and survivorship. Read more...



RELATIONAL THERAPY:  DARE  (Dynamic Attachment and Re-Patterning Experiences) : Developing secure and satisfying attachment patterns between children and parents and in adult relationships.


ART THERAPY:  The use of art media and the creative process to explore, improve and restore personal functioning and personal wellbeing.  Art therapy has documented research that supports the benefits for individuals who experience physical illness, trauma, mental health issues and for those seeking personal growth.  To benefit from Art Therapy, one does not need to have artistic skills or ability.  Read more


ADOPTION COUNSELLING:   Legal and social policies in adoption that influence birth and adoptive family relationships and the psychological and social development of adopted children and adults.   Read more



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