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Registered Clinical Counsellor                                                                                    
Registered Art Therapist   


I have been providing counselling for children, youth, couples and adults since 1988.


I have been providing Art Therapy since 2002.


My qualifications are:


  • Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) # 0621  Certified in 1992 through the BC Association of Registered Clinical Counsellors.

  • Registered Art Therapist (BCATR) #0253-R Certified in 2009 through the BC Art Therapy Association.


Additional Clinical Training


  • Completion of 7 years training in  Moaiku Relational Trauma Therapy. 2008-2015. Taught and supervised by Merete Holm-Brantjberg

  • Completion of 3 years training in Dynamic Attachment Patterning Experience (DARE). Relational and Attachment Therapy and Somatic Experiencing Therapy. Taught and supervised by Dianne Pool-Heller 2011-2014

  • Completion of a counselling course for cancer patients and their families through the Canadian Association for Psychosocial Oncology (CAPO) 2010

  • EMDR Certification and Training

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